About Me

Hi! I’m Trevor James, and I’m like you, I’m a food and travel addict. I live to travel, eat, and make videos for you. I’m currently traveling around China, Hong Kong and Asia, and posting weekly street food videos on my Youtube channel. I’ve been learning to speak mandarin Chinese for over 8 years now (time flies!) and have found a really fun lifestyle here in China.

China has some of the best off the beaten track travel. You can hang out with monks and discover new foods all the time!

I’ve found that I grew up in Canada and didn’t know about the joys of eating and traveling until the winter of 2006, the year after I graduated from high school. I saved up $5000 dollars from a summer job, and spent 4 months traveling with a buddy through South East Asia. It was those 4 months that left a huge impact on me.


Enjoying some Thai train food in 2006! That’s me at 18 years old!

I then spent another year in the Canadian ski village of Whistler, where I snowboarded every day I could, using another summers job’s worth of savings. I worked at Earls restaurant during the night as an expeditor and then went riding the mountain during the day. It was then 2008, and I started university in Canada. By 2009, I was in my second year of university in Vancouver, and dreaming of traveling forever. I really really wanted to just travel and that’s all I wanted to do.  I wanted to eat everything in the world and travel until I died. So I began thinking about what to call my future Youtube channel where I would film local food and interactions/experiences with locals where I travelled.

After a few weeks, I decided on The Food Ranger. I knew after graduation, I would move to China and create a base in Chengdu, and start a new life of eating and traveling, but I didn’t know the name to choose. I thought of a few ones like “The Food Hunter”, “Yumtravels”, or just “Trevor James”. It was during this time that I began fantasizing about how I would constantly hit the street in search of exciting new foods and film it all for those with the same hobbies as myself. The Food Ranger name was chosen, it made it feel adventurous and exciting, something I always hope to convey in my videos.


The Food Ranger logo that I decided upon when I first created my Youtube channel. The Food Ranger – Food And Travel with Trevor James

I took 6 years to graduate from university. I also took 2 years after high school to decide to go to university, one of those years was spent snowboarding in Whistler, and the other was spent traveling from Singapore up to Beijing overland. I earned the money for these trips by being a hiking and outdoor guide at a seasonal all-inclusive resort. I was so lucky to score that job, it opened up the world. Seasonal work is magic if you’re into traveling, you can work for 4, 5, or, 6 months, and then take the rest of the year off.  Resorts, cruise ships, ski-villages, and anywhere that tourism is highly seasonal is where you can find these jobs. The job I had paid enough to go travel during the off-season. I made the money last by staying in hostels and guesthouses through my trips through Asia (I would usually plan for $30 per day.) For a 4 month trip through Asia, I spend a little over $5000. Due to my luck with the job at the resort, I was in no rush to begin university, so I took two years after I graduated high school in 2006 to play. By the time I finally graduated from university in 2014, I was itching with the travel bug so bad I couldn’t wait to leave.

I spent 7 wonderful summers working here at this resort. In the last 2, I was their resort photographer and took this shot by helicopter!

I decided on China simply because I studied Chinese in university for fun and ended up liking it. It was also the exact opposite of what I was used to in Canada, I wanted to go somewhere completely different, with mysterious food and places that are rarely traveled to. In Canada, things were simple, orderly, and fresh, I wanted to move somewhere crazy and chaotic for the fun of it.

It’s funny how one small decision like that can change the path of your entire life. Like studying Chinese in university because I needed an elective Now I am living in Chengdu, eating spicy food every day and shooting videos and meeting locals as much as I can! It’s a lot of fun. My main goal here is to share with you the amazing food of the world, and show you that it’s entirely possible for you to travel cheaply, eat well, and pursue a passion and earn a living at the same time through travel. I also want to push forward with my blog and vlog and create some valuable content for you, so that when you travel, you can have some excellent resources to use that will help you decide where to eat and how to go about your travels to have the best experience possible.

I started shooting my first few Food Ranger videos in 2013 on a 3 month trip to China. I filmed Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu. As I passed through Chengdu with camera gear and a sense of adventure to try whatever was put before me, I felt a connection to the city that made me decide I would move here in the future. I fell in love with Sichuan food. There was something magic about it, and the way of life in Chengdu was so relaxed and different from many places in China. When I finally moved to Chengdu in September 2014, I already had a few videos made in Malaysia and was starting to get into the groove of The Food Ranger, traveling to eat, and shooting videos with local friends. I decided that this is what I will spend my life doing. If you crave travel, it’s entirely possible for you to do the same!

Sorting Chilies at Wukuaishi spice market in Chengdu

To see the world is a gift that not many get to experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the small sections of it that I have. I hope that you enjoy the content on this page and that it inspires you to pursue whatever passions you have.

If you enjoy my videos, I would love to hear from you!