Hong Kong Food Map (Your Recommendations!)

I’ve put all of your recommendations from my recent Insta and Facebook post onto a Google map, so if you’re traveling to Hong Kong, you can follow along to try some of them too!





  1. Kostas-Reply
    2017-07-07 at 22:27

    This map is amazing wish you do one for every city you visited or will visit 🙂 would make life of millions of foodies so much easier heheh

  2. David Ouchterlonie-Reply
    2017-07-06 at 06:57

    SWEET! I discovered your Youtube channel as I was looking for street food joints in HK for a trip I am making with work at the end of July. I instantly became hooked, so came here and cannot believe my luck. LOOK AT THIS MAP!!! Perfect. Keep up the good work!!

  3. 2017-07-02 at 22:38

    Awesome! Thanks for the list, will follow your food trail on our next visit to Hongkong.

  4. Johnathon-Reply
    2017-06-14 at 17:06

    Hey you took my idea from youtube comments! 😀


  5. Kenneth sinfuego-Reply
    2017-06-14 at 02:43

    Trevor. Please feature the street foods over there that serves fried pigs intestine. Shao Mai. Fried squid. Waffle balls. Etc. They have it in front of times Square. These are authentic hk street foods. If you’re in Manila please let me know. I’d like to invite you for dinner too.

  6. Flyrcm-Reply
    2017-06-09 at 11:32

    If you really want to try street food, temple street night market is a must to go. Starting from Jordan Road in the Southern part, all the way to Waterloo Road to the North. At night, the whole stretch become a street market and a street full of restaurants.

  7. Steven P.-Reply
    2017-06-08 at 13:12

    Hey Trevor, what a surprise to bump into you just now in Wai Chai, Hong Kong! I hope you enjoyed the cart noodles, and also the pan-fried buns. Come visit HK more often.

  8. Nisarg B-Reply
    2017-06-08 at 03:51

    Damn! Missed you by few days. I was in HK until 31st.Nvm. Love your food videos. Now how about educating some expats about what different noodles and broths are..styles are ? Like from experience which dishes are easily palatable and whats a acquired taste. Not that you don’t do it. May be a little bit more info. Thanks.Also pls share exercise routine. haha…

  9. 2017-06-07 at 22:37

    Great Trevor! Hong Kong! My hometown! If you are going to TaiPo, you might want to try Aloha Dessert Restaurant. They are serving very good chocolate lava cakes and other modern and traditional Chinese desserts. Western people aren’t used to sweet-soups for desserts, but it’s a hot item in HK and I believe in China as well.

    Greetings from Amsterdam! =)

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