Food Rangin’ in India Winter 2017!

Ting Ting and I are headed to India for another 1-month food trip. We have decided to visit 4 main cities:


We would really appreciate your help in providing some locations for us to go eat and shoot at for any of these cities.

We need deep, delicious, and exciting locations that are full of hungry locals that can give a sense of how amazing the food and energy are in India.

If you know of any delicious places in either Delhi, Amritsar, Lucknow, or Kolkata, please leave a suggestion below, it would be a huge help!

Thank you so much!


  1. Vikas shukla-Reply
    2017-07-20 at 18:15

    Hi food ranger you must try Lucknow street food

  2. 2017-07-05 at 16:12

    When in Lucknow try the famous The Kebab Express. The Kebab Express offers the best Biryani & Kebabs in Lucknow and best Awadhi Cuisine in Lucknow along with peaceful ambience, outdoor seating all at great prices. Visit us today !

  3. Deborah-Reply
    2017-02-01 at 19:18

    Hi Trevor, i’m so excited for your visit. Would love to meet with you in Delhi, I love watching your videos. Please plan a visit to northeast India, the cuisine and diversity of people would blow you away.

  4. Sathavahana-Reply
    2017-02-01 at 00:51

    please visit Andhra Pradesh please please u can find a lots of flavours

    place :-nellore

    2017-01-31 at 03:12

    Hi… Food Ranger..
    Take look at Andhra Pradesh State in South india( known as Rice bowl of India or sunrise state). Long coastal carridor and bunch various food.
    Must visiting place.
    If you have time , please visit.

  6. 2017-01-28 at 16:08

    Hi! You must ‘’ Amazing experiential food tours.

  7. Deepam-Reply
    2017-01-28 at 03:13

    Hi Trevor, in Delhi I would recommend:

    1. Karims and Al-jawahar in Jama Masjid.
    2. Aslam kebab in Jama masjid for their butter chicken Tikkas.
    3. Al-kauser in Chanakyapuri for mindblasting Kakori and Galouti kebabs.
    4. Yashwant palace for Pork and chicken momos (Recommendation: Chimney sizzlers)
    5. Al-Bake in Defence colony for superb Shwarma rolls or you can say Doner kebabs.
    6. Hawkers in Vasant kunj for delicious indian chinese.
    7. Majnu ka tila for authentic tibetan restaurant (Recommendation: Rigo’s cafe, Ama cafe)
    8. Parathe wali gali in Old delhi
    9. For sweeth tooth you should visit Kuremal ki kulfi in Chawri bazaar, Giani’s in Fatehpuri, Old Delhi and famoud old jalebi wala.

    I still have so much recommendations because I am a big foodie and I would love to eat with you.

  8. Angad Kapoor-Reply
    2017-01-27 at 04:34

    hey trevor wassup!!… while you are in lucknow do try mutter ki tikki(these are kebabs made of mashed green peas) served with mint chutney and lemon. you can find it in bhootnath market area.

  9. Shreya-Reply
    2017-01-27 at 02:21


    1/ Kesar da dhaba

    2/ Beera chicken

    3/ Amritsari kulcha

    4/Gyan di lassi

  10. Aqib shaikh-Reply
    2017-01-26 at 23:06

    hey i am from lucknow . you should visit Tundey kababi ( beaf and mutton kawab ), Rahim Ki Nihari kulcha, Idrees ki Biryani
    ,Kulfi falooda must( Prakash Kulfi )
    ,GPO Ke Thande Dahi Bade near GPO Hazratganj and
    Sharma chai( tea and samosa) and many more .
    Feel free to contact me once you are in Lucknow

  11. Anik Debnath-Reply
    2017-01-26 at 21:44

    In Kolkata. You must go to the following places:
    1) Bhojohorimanna:
    (Pure Authentic Bengali food MUST TRY)

    2) Ballygunge Place ( Authentic Bengali Food

    3) Saptapadi ( Best Bengali Food Thalis

    4) Street Food – (Park Street Area, And New Market are of Kolkata)


    Now there are many restaurants out there but these are the best. I am born and raised in Kolkata. Other people who posted here about Kolkata did not post about real authentic Kolkata Bengali Food. I have seen all your videos and since you prefer authentic the places I have mentioned is a must visit. Trusty me I am foodie I know what I am talking about. I would have hosted you but I Live in London now.

  12. Arkaprava Roychaudhury-Reply
    2017-01-26 at 15:12

    In Kolkata, Go to the restaurant called Peter Cat. Its located in Park Street. They have got one persian dish called Chello Kabab. Try it out.
    Also go to Arsalan in Park Circus and try some Kolkata Biryani. 🙂 Hope you will like it!

  13. Nikhil Sapre-Reply
    2017-01-26 at 11:47

    Sab ki Katir – New Delhi
    Small roadside eat out plac, open late nights.
    Try their Galauti Kebabs, they melt in your mouth. Also Phirni (Desert), it’s one of the best

  14. Preetish-Reply
    2017-01-26 at 02:31


    1: Yashwant Palace Chankyapuri (Pork, mutton, chicken momos, thupka etc)

    2: Old Delhi
    market near jama masjid (dinner)
    Aslam chicken corner or the famous karims

    3: Al bakke for classic shawrma

    4: Pandara road (Gulatis) Lunch buffet (butter chicken and more)

    5: Old Delhi (pranthe wali gali) Lunch or snack time

    6: QD’s for Tandoori momos

    There are many more. Would love to tag along with you, feel free to contact me once you are in Delhi.

  15. 2017-01-26 at 00:54


    Kolkata has some great Chinese & continental outlets but I think you would like to focus on food that symbolises Kolkata the best. I would love to join you in Kolkata but remember I am a vegetarian 🙁 However, I have a close friend who is a foodie & travelogue writer, he even conducts heritage walks around the city. He can be a great guide of the city for you, just buzz me & I will connect him with you. You can find more about his work at &

    Read this as this link as most of the iconic food covered:

    Some more curated content from the web for you.

    Bohemian, Old Ballygunge 1st Lane
    The starters, panch phoran chicken escalope and vodka soaked prawns are delicious, juicy beauties. Your main courses should be Gondhoraj Lime Bhekti (cod in King Lime sauce) and Aam Aada Bhekti (cod in mango and ginger sauce).

    Kewpies, Elgin Lane
    Tucked away in a quaint corner, Kewpies is the place to go to for an authentic Bengali meal if you don’t have someone who can treat you to a home-cooked meal. Served in terracotta utensils, feast on the absolutely traditional Daab Chingri (prawns in coconut sauce), Mangsho (mutton curry) and Malai curry chingri (prawns in spicy cream sauce). If you’re looking for Bengali food on a plate, just opt for the thali.

    6 Ballygunge Place
    6 Ballygunge Place is the place to go for a bite of authentic Bengali cuisine. Housed in a 100-year-old bungalow decorated with pictures of old Kolkata, 6 Ballygunge Place provides the perfect spot for a multi-course Bengali meal. Highlights on the menu include the kasha mangsho, a traditional Bengali spicy mutton curry dish as well as the daab chingri, which are prawns cooked in mustard (a favorite among Bengalis) and cooked inside a hollowed-out coconut.

    Regent, Chowringhee Place
    If you’re still feeling peckish, head behind the heritage hotel, Oberoi Grand, and find yourself at Regent, which doesn’t look as noble as the name suggests. Their mutton biryani is worth a try but the main star of this establishment is the Kabiraji cutlet, a fried slice of fish served with chips. Perhaps an Indian alternative to the English Fish n’ Chips.

    Kathi Roll at Zeeshan, Sarat Bose Road
    Kathi Rolls literally define Kolkata’s streets, remaining unique to the city while having illegitimate cousins in other parts of the country. Zeeshan’s rolls are affordable, and the best part is that they know how health conscious you are, so they’ll spare you the barrel of oil and gunpowder fillings of spices. We highly recommend the egg tikiya roll that’s fluffy and smooth, juxtaposed with the crisp doughy texture of the paratha wrapping it. The chicken rolls here are good too.

    Tiretta Bazaar, Sun Yat Sen Street
    Make your way to the Chinese Bazaar. It’s best to come early in the morning before everything is sold out. Momos, dimsums, strings of Chinese sausage, fishball noodle soup, pao and various other delectable treats are hawked by vendors to make your breakfast experience memorable. While you’re at it, stop by the shop selling Chinese goodies and wares and learn about the history of the community’s influence on the city.

    Deckers Lane (James Hickey Sarani)
    Kolkata is the king of street food in India, with stalls selling all variety of street snacks and dishes. Traditional fare like phuchka (fried sphere crisps with tamarind water dipping sauces), jhal muri (seasoned rice puffs with dal, peanuts, other ingredients and topped with mustard oil) and singara (samosas) is served here. However street eats derived from other regional and international cuisines can also be found. Now, Kolkata street food lovers can discover kathi rolls (kebab rolls — like a burrito), chowmein, biryani, dosa, lassi, chola-bhatura, kulcha-chana and more in Kolkata’s thriving street food scene. For the best street food in Kolkata, try the bustling Deckers Lane (renamed James Hickey Sarani), the BBD Bagh (formerly Dalhousie Square) or Camac Street (renamed Abanindranath Tagore Sarani).

    The King of the Kathi Roll, Nizam’s claims to be the inventor of the famous kathi roll, which has become one of the must-try dishes in Kolkata. A true comfort food, Nizam’s kathi roll is a fried paratha packed with fried egg, spicy meats, onions and chilis, all of which is rolled up and served like a burrito. Such is the fame of Nizam’s kathi roll that celebrity chef-traveller Rick Stein has called the kathi roll ‘the perfect street food’.


  16. anurag sharma-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 23:38

    try rajma rice, curry rice, and dal for best north indian comfort food in Delhi.

  17. anurag sharma-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 23:34

    try sitaram ke chhole bhature, churchur naan in paharganj in delhi,
    and tilak nagar, chandni chowk,old delhi for best street food.

  18. Syed Raazi-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 23:32

    I am from lucknow so I can tell you all the best food joints in my city

    1. Tundey kababi
    2. Mubeens biryani
    3. Rahim Ki Nihari kulcha
    4. Idrees ki Biryani
    5. Shahi Tukda
    6.Mubeen’s pasanda
    7.Shri Lassi Corner(chole bhature)
    8.Lucknowi Chaat(Ram asrey)
    9.Kulfi falooda must visit( Prakash Kulfi Corner)
    10.GPO Ke Thande Dahi Bade near GPO Hazratganj
    11.Paan ki gilori(Ram asrey)
    12. Sharma chai( tea and samosa)
    13.Royal cafe( basket chat)

    Biryani and kababs are the Original dish from lucknow.

    Thank you 🙂 🙂

    • Shivam Singh-Reply
      2017-01-26 at 00:18

      nice , precise and must go places, +1 🙂

  19. 2017-01-25 at 13:41

    Hi Trevor!
    I would recommend a handful of restaurants for your upcoming trip to Kolkata.

    1) Oudh 1590- They make the best biriyanis in Kolkata. Period.

    2) Tung Nam- The cheapest and best place in Kolkata for Chinese cuisine. You would really love it.

    3) Barbeque Nation- They serve the best buffet in town and you won’t be disappointed.

    4) Mocambo and Peter Cat- Two of the heritage restaurants of Kolkata. They serve the best continental with a variety of entrees.

    5) Chaiwala- Best burgers in town!

    6) Balwant Singh Dhaba- They serve the best morning chai(tea).

    Lastly it would give me immense pleasure to accompany you to all these recommended places. Love your work! Wishing you a safe journey in India and in all the other countries that you’re visiting in this tour. Thank You.

  20. Nikhil Sapre-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 04:47

    New Delhi –
    Karim’s, Nizams and
    Khan Chacha for Chicken/Mutton Kebabs

    SodaBottleOpenerWala Restaurant for Parsi/Iranian food.

  21. arun-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 03:04

    come to my home
    meerut (U.P.)
    for authentic foods……. i love to cook
    and i would love to cook for u mate

  22. Rabindra Leishangthem-Reply
    2017-01-25 at 02:41

    Come manipur also, its in India. In this place u can taste a lot of delicious cuisine, Its my humble request and i am big fan for u.

  23. Apurv-Reply
    2017-01-24 at 13:30

    Please even come to Mumbai as well

  24. Ashokkumar-Reply
    2017-01-23 at 23:18

    In Delhi chandni chowk must test Natraj tikki it’s awesome so don’t forget to taste that.I send u more suggestion in few days.

  25. Aliya-Reply
    2017-01-23 at 06:05

    I would like to suggest that you add Bangalore to your itinerary. I know it may seem like you have covered Southern India, but the cuisine of Southern Karnataka is unique and more nuanced. You could combine it with a trip to Goa (known not just for its beaches and parties but also its seafood!)

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