Tai Hao Le


Tai Hao Le means “awesome!” and is a positive outlook that you can always put your thumb up to and say at every opportunity. It's one of my core beliefs that you have to keep your outlook as “tai hao le!” because it is a great way to view the world!



A lot of people are really enjoying our Tai Hao Le t-shirts. They are comfortable and make a perfect gift for your friends who love Chinese language and learning mandarin. They are great for people who are generally positive and pumped all the time, because that is the background meaning behind tai hao le in Chinese. A lot of people ask what does tai hao le mean in Chinese, and in general it's a positive “awesome!” that you can put your thumbs up to at almost every opportunity to show your positive mental attitude and your seize the world and make the most of every opportunity attitude.

I wear mine almost every day and personally own more than 2o shirts because I love the way it brings people together and is a great conversation starter. It's a fun way to show your positive outlook on the world! 太好了!

Tai Hao Le

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  1. I can watch your videos over and over your love for food is very aperient you are so animated and yes when you don’t like something it is well known your face tells all keep up the good work Hey to Ting