This is the camera I use for shooting all the videos on my channel (The Food Ranger)
This is what I use for shooting all of my YouTube videos. It's a powerful 4K monster that is reasonably priced for the features that it includes. It has amazing image stabilization, excellent color, and can shoot 60p at 4k. A lot of YouTubers are currently using this camera. It's hard to beat.
This is my previous camera, but I honestly sometimes miss it. Even though there is no 4K, it has the best autofocus on the market.


My main lens for shooting street food videos
My main workhorse lens. This has the perfect focal length for shooting on the street. It's quite wide at 7, so we usually shoot around 8-9. When zoomed in at 14, and especially with the 1.5 crop feature on the GH5, this lens is perfect for food!
I use this lens for a bit more closeup work. It goes on our 2nd GH5 body and is an excellent lens to have. This and the 7-14 work very well together.
Main telephoto lens. This paired with the 7-14 is really all you need!


I use it to access YouTube in China, along with facebook, instagram, and gmail.
I always connect to ExpressVPN while I'm visiting China to connect to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail. It's perfect and the speeds are great!
I always use world nomads travel insurance when I travel
I use WorldNomads when I travel to places I believe might have a higher than normal risk of getting sick.
I love using HostelWorld to book budget hostels and hotels wherever we travel.
Trevor James Food Ranger in Xi'an