I use it to access YouTube in China, along with facebook, instagram, and gmail.
I always connect to ExpressVPN while I'm visiting China to connect to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail. It's perfect and the speeds are great!
epidemic sound is my favourite music library for YouTube
Epidemic Sound is my go-to audio library for YouTube. The price is extremely reasonable and their music library is huge. It has tons of music perfect for vlogs and background music!
how I grow on YouTube
I use TubeBuddy to grow my YouTube channel. It has helped me gain millions of subscribers by learning how the YouTube algorithm works. Use the link below for a free trial!
I use Rev to add captions to all our YouTube videos, it's only $1 per minute of video and gets done very fast! 10$ coupon using this link!
Chengdu Food Guide
The ULTIMATE comprehensive guide to the best food and restaurants in Chengdu! This guide features clickable map locations and dianping links to help you eat your way around Chengdu!
Xi'an food guide trevor james the food ranger
The ULTIMATE guide to finding and eating food in Xi'an. ALL of the BEST food to eat around the downtown huiminjie area and tons of google map pins and dianping links to help you eat your way around Xi'an!

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Trevor James Food Ranger in Xi'an