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You must try these bocai spinach noodles when you visit Xi'an!
In this Xian famous foods guide, I'm laying out 25+ of the best foods to eat in Xian, and where to eat them! You're going to want to fly in direct to eat these!
Chengdu food guide
After living in Chengdu for 6 years, I've laid out all of the best foods you need to try on your visit. I'm including so much. All of my favourite street stalls, hot chili oil wontons, hot pot, noodles, it's all in this guide!
Ting's hometown of Guangzhou is the true land of dim sum. In my opinion it's even better than Hong Kong. In this guide I've laid out some of the best dim sum restaurants in Guangzhou!
Fungshing restaurant is one of the best and most local style hong kong dim sum restaurants
Ordering dim sum can be very difficult. It's taken me over 5 years to finally grasp the ordering processs. There are hundreds of amazing dishes to try. This is my ultimate ordering guide to dim sum!