21 Xian Famous Foods You Need To Try on any visit to Xi’an, China (And where to try them!)

Xi'an, China

After living in China for 6 years and eating at hundreds of different street foods stalls throughout Xian, I'm listing my favourite 21 Xian famous foods to try below.

Found a short walk from the Huiminjie tourist street

I'm including complete addresses and detailed ordering instructions for you as well! You can choose your favourite spots and take yourself on a Xi'an food walk! By the time you finish all of them, you'll have a great understanding of Xian food, and you will have tasted some insanely delicious flavours!

Note: Exploring for these Xi'an foods on your own will take a LOT of exploration and time. I recommend installing a VPN before arriving to China so that you can use Google Maps to find the pins on the Google map below. I recommend ExpressVPN (49% off with this link). I've also listed a few different VPN options on my best vpn for china guide.  you This is especially useful if you're using my other Chinese food guides, like my Chengdu Food Guide, my Guangzhou Food Guide.

The Xian Famous Foods Walking Map

The map above shows all of the best restaurants and street food to try in Xi’an. If you’re unsure of where the best restaurants in Xi’an are or if you’re looking to go on a self guided Xi’an food tour, you can follow along with this map and try all of the classics. The best food in Xi’an is all here, like biang biang noodles, crispy pork roujiamo pita sandwiches, juicy and spicy beef dumplings, and more.

One tip: AVOID HUIMINJIE. It is extremely touristy and there is far better food just a short step outside of it. This is where the locals eat. You can try authentic hui muslim Chinese street food here eaten by locals and made for locals.

There are three streets you will want to spend most of your time on to enjoy the best food in Xian:

  1. Sajinqiao
  2. Miaohoujie
  3. Dapiyuan and around

xi'an food tour and food walk around the huiminjie street food area of xi'an chinaMost of the foods in this Xi’an food guide are found on these 3 streets. This will allow you to walk around and explore and eat as much delicious Xian food as you can! The first 14 are in the hui district in the core of the city and featured on this map. My personal favourites are the Suantang Jiaozi Dumplings (#1), Yangroupaomo (#2), and the Xi’an pork roujiamo (#14).


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Suantang Jiaozi Sour and Spicy Dumplings 酸汤饺子

These are some of the best jiaozi I've ever had in China, if not THE BEST. Make sure to try them out when you travel to Xi'an!

These are some of the best dumplings you will ever eat. They are stuffed plump with beef and garlic chives and poured steaming hot into a bowl of vinegar, chili oil, sesame, cilantro, and garlic. When you bite into one and the juice pops into your mouth, you will feel the true soul of Xi’an in your mouth and never want to leave! Some of the best dumplings you'll ever eat in China!

the food ranger recommendation below

These are some of the best jiaozi I've ever had in China, if not THE BEST. Make sure to try them out when you travel to Xi'an!
Ma'er Youzhi Suantang Dumplings 马二优质酸汤水饺
Address: 洒金桥131号路东 131 Sajinqiao Street
Phone: 84231396
Price: 15 RMB/person

Yangrou Paomo Lamb And Pita Soup 羊肉泡馍

You must try the rich lamb stock yangrou paomo when you travel to Xi'an. There is so much flavour in each bite!

You really have to try this one.  There are two ways to get your paomo. You can either get a fresh pita bread unbroken, and break it into your empty bowl, then hand it back to the chef, which he will then add into the wok and cook for you, or, you can get it pre-broken up. For your first time, you should break it up yourself, so you can get the true feel for the pita and have a little fun too. The locals say that you should break it as small as possible, so that each piece can soak in the richness of the lamb stock. Just say “ziji bai 自己摆” I visited a few paomo restaurants, and all of them were amazing! The one we found on our last night in Xi’an was probably the best. The address is below. Apart from the one below, you can also visit 老白家水盆羊肉 (北广济街 76号) if you want to try another one after at a different location. The stock was full of aroma! the food ranger recommendation below

You must try the rich lamb stock yangrou paomo when you travel to Xi'an. There is so much flavour in each bite!
Liuxin Niuyangrou Paomo 刘信牛羊肉泡馍
Address: 洒金桥129号(老关庙什字旁) 129 Sajinqiao, right beside the Suantang jiaozi joint
Price: ~23 RMB/person
Hours: Come at night for the best experience

Xiaochao Paomo spicy lamb and pita soup 小炒泡馍

This is the spicier version of the yangrou paomo

Apart from the Yangrou paomo, there is another dish, the xiaochao paomo (小炒泡馍), a very similar but spicier version, that is also worth ordering. I ate it at the same place as the Yangrou paomo place, and it was super delicious and spicy and garlicky. the food ranger recommendation below

This is the spicier version of the yangrou paomo
刘信牛羊肉泡馍 Liuxin Niuyangrou Paomo
Address: 洒金桥129号(老关庙什字旁) 129 Sajinqiao, right beside the Suantang jiaozi joint
Price: ~23 RMB/person
Hours: Come at night for the best experience

Hula Tang Peppery Beef Ball Soup 胡辣汤

Hulatang peppery soup on the streets of Xi'an
This is one of the most unique breakfast soups you’ll ever try!

The hulatang is a classic Hui street food found on a lot of corners in the Hui district of Xi’an. The first time I tried it, I was surprised by how numbing the flavour was. The Sichuan peppercorn they add into the thick porridge like broth gives it a real kick, and when you add chili oil in as well, it’s quite spicy! the food ranger recommendation below

The famous hulatang beef ball soup in Xi'an
Haozailai HulaTang 好再来肉丸子胡辣汤
Address: At the intersection of Miaohoujie and Damaishijie - 庙后街与大麦市街交汇十字的东北角
Hours: Early AM is best, before 9am ideally

Delicious Lamb and Beef Kebabs 羊肉串

The best BBQ lamb kebabs in Xi'an

Eating BBQ lamb kebabs on the streets of Xi’an late at night is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things you can do in the city. The portion of meat on the kebabs is quite small at many places, so it’s a good idea to order at least 20 kebabs to get a good filling of meat. In the Huiminjie area there are many late night kebab joints, but my favourite is at xinliang kaorou, where the cumin and chili mix is perfect and where they also serve you these beautiful wide nang breads also put on the BBQ and covered in spice. the food ranger recommendation below

Lamb kebabs on the streets of Xi'an
Xinliang Kaorou - 新亮烤串
Must Order: Lamb kebabs - Yangrouchuan 羊肉串, Beef Kebabs - 牛肉串, nang bread - 馕
Comments: Order 20 or more kebabs and you'll be in heaven.
Address: 大麦市街106号
Price: 2 RMB/chuan
Hours: Come late at night 8 or 9 PM for the best time.

Xi'an Jianbing Crepe 西安煎饼

The Xi'an jianbing was one of my favourite street foods in Xi'an!
The jianbing is famous in Beijing and Tianjin, but here in Xi’an is my favourite!

If you’re exploring the old alleyways of Xi’an in the morning, chances are you’ll find a delicious Hui Chinese Xi’an jianbing. It’s loaded up with 0ne or two eggs and wrapped up with a selection of pickled vegetables, peanuts, chicken, carrots, and more. You simply point at what you want! For ordering, you will say either “one egg” as “yi ge ji dan”, or “two eggs” as “liang ge ji dan”. the food ranger recommendation below

Found a short walk from the Huiminjie tourist street
Laodingjia Jianbing 老丁家
Address: Miaohoujie 191 - 庙后街191号
Hours: Come early before 930 AM

Guantang Jiaozi Plump Steamed Dumplings from Heaven 灌汤饺子

If you don't know what to eat in Xi'an, go for these guantang jiaozi!

These are some of the best steamed dumplings you will ever eat. They are stuffed with beef, and I think I tasted a little cumin and spices in there as well. Their shape is a signature style which I haven’t been able to find in other places in China. They are so plump and round and served with a chili and vinegar dip goes along perfectly! Their restaurant recently moved to a bigger location, which is much larger and cleaner. It’s still in the old hui neighbourhood of central Xi’an, and is walking distance to Alley Youth Hostel. When you visit, make sure to also order their majiang liangfen 麻酱凉粉 cold rice noodles with sesame paste, chili oil, and vinegar, along with their sweet and refreshing babaozhou 八宝粥  a cold date, lotus petal, seeds and nuts porridge. And don’t forget to order their majiang liangpi 麻酱凉皮! the food ranger recommendation below

The best steamed dumplings in Xi'an
Zhiliang Guantang JIaozi 志亮灌汤饺子
Address: 200 Miaohou Street 庙后街200号
Price: 20 RMB +

Biang Biang Mian - biangbiang面

A nice big bowl of Xi'an biang biang mian noodles

If you were to choose one noodle dish to try in Xi’an, the Biang biang mian would be the champion. These noodles are so good you could move here just to eat them every day! I would love to do that! The fat hand pulled noodles are covered in a rich chili oil with a strong cinnamon and star anise flavour and topped with carrots, celery, cilantro, beans, and nice big chunks of beef. There are hundreds of biang biang noodle shops in Xi’an all lining the huiminjie area, making it a really easy bowl of noodles to find. I personally really enjoyed the noodles at Liu laosi 刘老四牛肉擀面庄. the food ranger recommendation below

Biang Biang mian in Xi'an is one of the best noodle dishes in China
Liu laosi Niurou Gan Mian Zhuang 刘老四牛肉擀面庄
Must Order: Biangbiang Noodles
Address: 20m beside the police station on Miaohoujie street. 庙后街派出所向西20米
Price: 15 + RMB

Luzhi Liangfen Rice Jelly Noodles with Chili Oil + Mustard 卤汁凉粉

This is another classic Xi’an street food, and one of the most flavourful too! There are many different places to try it on the streets of Xi’an, especially in the Huiminjie area. You will find a high concentration on Sajinqiao street. It’s essentially a bowl filled with a broken up pita bread, fat rice jelly noodles, their specialty five spice thick soup, vinegar, chili oil, sesame paste, and a half boiled egg. It’s a lot of flavours in one bite, and definitely worth a try! The place we found was deep in a local alley and was the best I’ve ever had. It also turned out to be quite a famous place, and we didnt’ even research it or plan it. Go try it out! the food ranger recommendation below

Luzhi liangfen found at Restaurant name: 老何家卤汁凉粉
Laohejia Luzhi Liangfen 老何家卤汁凉粉
Address: 西大街287号 287 Xidajie street

Liangfen Rice Jelly with vinegar and chili 凉粉

One of the best Liangpi in Xi'an

Liangfen is one of Xi’ans most satisfying flavour combos. Thick sesame paste is paired with hot chili oil and cold jelly noodles with vinegar to give you a sour, spicy, nutty, refreshing slurp that will bring you into another dimension

4 Amazing Liangpi Joint's in Xi'an

One of the best Liangpi in Xi'an
1 Muslim Roujiamo and Halal Liangpi at Shengzhiwang 清真盛志望麻酱酿皮铺
Price: 5 RMB +
Address: 回坊大皮院西口225号
Hours: Come for lunch
The best liangpi and guantangbao in Xi'an
2 Sesame Paste Liangpi at Zhiliang Zhengjiao 志亮蒸饺
Price: 5 RMB +
Address: 200 Miaohoujie street庙后街200号
Hours: Come for dinner and order a massive steamer of Xi'an guantangbao plump steamed dumplings and a babaozhou soup
Xi'an Majiang Liangpi
3 Another excellent Sesame past liangpi at Shengjia liangpi 盛家酿皮
Price: 5 RMB +
Address: Bei Guang Ji street 262 北广济街262号
Hours: Come for lunch
You can order up a delicious liangpi here to go with your roujiamo
4 Slightly more refreshing Liangpi with bean sprouts and chopped veg at Qinyu Roujiamo Restaurant 秦豫肉夹馍(东木头市店)
Price: 6 RMB +
Address: 东木头市19号(东木头市幼儿园附近) 19 Dongmutou Street
Hours: Come for lunch

Xiaosurou thick lamb stew 小酥肉

The xiaosurou is a famous Xi'an food

This is one meal that tastes way better than it looks. The Xiaosurou is a somewhat oily lamb stew concoction that is full of peppery and smooth gravy like flavour. You can add chili oil to it and eat it with a bowl of rice and it will fill you up and give you energy. It’s one of my favourite foods in Xi’an. the food ranger recommendation below

Xiaosurou lamb stew in Xi'an
Dingjia Xiaosurou 定家小酥肉
Must Order: Order the Xiaosurou 小酥肉. If you like you can order a liangpi and roujiamo from the restaurant directly beside it.
Address: Dapiyuan Xikou 223 hao 大皮院西口223号
Price: ~23 RMB/bowl
Hours: Open all day

Fenzhengrou Steamed Beef with rice flour - 粉蒸肉

Great street food fenzhengrou in Xi'an

The fenzhengrou is one of my favourite foods to have in China. It’s found all around China, served spicy and numbing in Sichuan, and Xi’an, where it’s a little more mild but served with raw cloves of garlic for an extra punch of flavour. It’s essentially steamed beef with chunks of rice flour with some spices served with a soft bun. The place I go to in Xi’an is run by a friendly Hui woman who is proud of her bowl.

Fenzhengrou is a classic food in Xian
Majia Fenzhengrou Hundun 马家粉蒸肉馄炖
Must Order: Fenzhengrou 粉蒸肉
Comments: Directly across from here is a famous Hulatang place. Come in the morning if you want it.
Address: Dapiyuan 48 hao 大皮院48号
Hours: Open all day.

Dapanji Big Chicken Plate 大盘鸡

We found the best dapanji in Xian

Originally from Xinjiang in Northwest China, the Dapanji big chicken plate is another famous dish you can eat in Xian. It’s one of the best noodle dishes you can try in all of China. A huge bed of hand stretched noodles is covered in huge chunks of chicken, dried red chilies, potatoes, and bell peppers, and the flavour is full of cinnamon and star anise. It’s one of the most enjoyable noodle experiences in the world! the food ranger recommendation below

Delicious dapanji in Xian
Ernaisi Big Plate Chicken 尔奈斯大盘鸡
Address: On the corner of maixianjie street, #96 - 麦苋街96号十字路口西南角
Price: 68 RMB for a small, 88 RMB for a big dapanji

Roujiamo Pork Sandwich 肉夹馍

One of the best street foods to try in Xi'an is the roujiamo

This is absolutely the best street snack you need to try when you travel to Xi’an. There are two versions, one which is halal style made by Hui people, usually made with beef, and another style made by Han Chinese, usually made with pork. After visiting Xi’an a few times, I’ve found the most incredible pork roujiamo at a little restaurant that is worth the walk out of the huimin district. It is so packed with flavour and it is the perfect mix of both fatty and lean meat, served inside a crispy and fluffy hot pita. When I visited, we got a look into the back kitchen and witnessed the chopping of this ultra rich, fatty pork meat. It was insane! The way they scoop it into each steaming hot bun one after another with all the juices bursting and the meat overflowing from each bun gets you so hungry!

Just watching the juice bursting and all the fatty skin and lean meat being chopped up into this beautiful fresh baked pita is worth flying to Xi’an for!

the food ranger recommendation below

This is the best roujiamo in Xi'an!
Qinyu Roujiamo Restaurant 秦豫肉夹馍(东木头市店)
Comments: Order it "Youzhi de", premium extra pork!
Address: 东木头市19号(东木头市幼儿园附近) 19 Dongmutou Street
Price: 8 RMB and up
Hours: 07:00-13:30

Xi'an Spinach Noodles 菠菜面

You must try these bocai spinach noodles when you visit Xi'an!

One thing you really have to eat in Xi’an is the beautiful spinach noodles. You can find the uncooked noodles sitting on shelves ready to buy and take home in shops all throughout the city, but your best option is to go to a shop that specializes in making them and preparing them fresh. You can choose from a bunch of different sauces to put on top, but I always choose either tomato and egg, or stewed pork. The place we found was great, and also sitting right across from a popular youth hostel, the Han Tang Inn. I’ve stayed there before and enjoyed it, especially being able to meet travellers from all over the world. the food ranger recommendation below

One of the best spinach noodles in Xi'an
Zhangji Jiaxiang Spinach Noodles 张记家乡手擀菠菜面
Address: 南长巷中段路北17号楼

Hongmigao Stuffed Sticky Rice with Rose Jam 红米糕

This is a very special Xi'an street food, the hongmigao, a stuffed plump fried sticky rice with brown sugar, walnut, and rose jam!

I found this while exploring the back lanes on our way to eat the luzhi liangfen dish. It’s this massively plump sticky rice ball stuffed with a very sweet brown sugar and rose jam combo. The best part is how it is super gooey and soft when you bite into it, and the sweet floral rose jam just gushes out as you eat it! the food ranger recommendation below

One of the best desserts in Xi'an
Hongmigao 红米糕
Address: This one is a little more difficult to find, but not too bad. Just go to the intersection of Miaohoujie 庙后街 and Xiaoxuexixiang 小学西巷. It's in the Xiaoxuexixiang. You can also keep walking and take a left at the first intersection and you'll find the Luzhiliangfen.

Babaozhou Cold and Sweet Porridge 八宝粥

Sweet babaozhou porridge in Xi'an

This is one of the most refreshing things you’ll ever put in your mouth. It’s essentially a cold rice porridge with seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. It goes along perfectly with the guantang jiaozi dumplings, so order one of each and a liangfen at the same restaurant as above. the food ranger recommendation below

The best steamed dumplings in Xi'an
Zhiliang Guantang JIaozi 志亮灌汤饺子
Address: 200 Miaohou Street 庙后街200号
Price: Spend around 20 RMB here for a full meal

Baozi 包子

Xi'an pumpkin baozi
These are some of the BEST baozi you will ever eat in China!

If you love plump dumplings, juicy buns, and all the different types of dim sum and bao’s in China, you’re going to love these baozi in Xi’an. They offer a huge selection of fillings, which you can point at and try to your heart’s delight. Definitely order the pumpkin baozi, my personal favourite, AKA nangua baozi. the food ranger recommendation below

These were some of the best baozi I've ever had in China!
Plump Bao's at Xiaoyang Dabao
Name: 小杨大包
Must Order: Order the pumpkin baozi AKA nangua baozi
Comments: It's a little bit outside of the huiminjie district, but it's sure worth it if you want the best bao's in China!
Address: Nandajie Dongmutoushi 南大街东木头市​
Price: 1.5 RMB per baozi
Hours: Come early in the AM for the freshest Baos

Zenggao sticky rice and date cake 增高

One of the best desserts in xian is the zenggao

The zenggao is my favourite Xi’an dessert. It’s made with sticky rice, dates, and beans, and it’s super sweet and filling. You can find it all around the huiminjie district. I found one offered by a man selling it from a giant tricycle! It was super delicious! the food ranger recommendation below

This is one of the best foods to try on a xi'an food tour
Zenggao on the streets
Comments: You can find it in the huiminjie district. Or, you can walk around the back streets of Xi'an and probably find a vendor selling it.
Price: 4+ RMB

Liuxiang Noodles AKA Gungun Noodles 柳巷面

Xian food tour liuxiangmian and gungun mian

After the biang biang mian, also known as biang biang noodles, these noodles were my favourite in Xi’an. The noodles are coated in a rich beef, carrot, cinnamon, and star anise gravy and they are all hand pulled by noodle masters in the back kitchen! This is a little outside of the Xi’an huiminjie district, but so worth coming for! The coolest part is watching the guys in the back kitchen pull the noodles. It’s a noodle heaven! They pull thousands and thousands of noodles each day and they have hundreds of bowls waiting on the counter ready to pour the hot noodles on top of! You’ll be so excited as soon as you see these!

Chinese street food hand pulled noodles the food ranger recommendation below

Xian food tour Liuxiangmian
Liuxiangmian 柳巷面
Must Order: Liuxiangmian
Comments: Slightly outside of the huiminjie district, but very worth coming to visit!
Address: Jiqing xiang jiqing daxia B Zuo 吉庆巷吉庆大夏B座
Price: 10 RMB +
Hours: Come for lunch or dinner

Jinggao 镜糕

Xi'an jinggao street food walk

The jinggao is another of Xi’an’s best desserts, made from sticky rice, rose jam, and some nuts. It’s very cheap for one stick, usually one or two RMB, and is found all over the huiminjie area. While I did’t find a specific spot with the best jinggao, you can find it so easily everywhere and they are all quite similar.

If you walk around Xi'an for food, you'll find the Jinggao everywhere
Jinggao on the streets of Xi'an
Address: Walk around the huiminjie area and you will find many stalls selling jinggao sticky rice dessert
Price: 1 or 2 RMB per stick

Resources for your stay in Xi'an

I use it to access YouTube in China, along with facebook, instagram, and gmail.
To access Google maps and to login to Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and many international sites, you will need to install a VPN. I use ExpressVPN.
This is the best hostel I've stayed in in Xi'an, in a super local Hui district. It's the perfect location!
If you're not sure where to stay in Xi'an, I recommend Alley Youth Hostel, because it's in a perfect location and is very clean.
I always use world nomads travel insurance when I travel
Xi'an is a very safe location, but it's always better to travel with health insurance.

My Xi’an Street Food Tour Videos

Watch the playlist above and enjoy these FULL-ON Chinese Street Food Tour videos in Xi’an!

Make sure to check out my other China Food Guides. My Xi’an food guide, Chengdu food guide, Hong Kong food guide, and Guangzhou food guide are all really useful!

Trevor James Food Ranger in Xi'an

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    Thanks Food Ranger Trevor ??? What an incredibly detailed write up on the food in Xi’An in China. Wow it sounds so good. This certainly gives so many options. Breakfast, lunch and dinner would be a challenge to decide. Pork buns, noodles and the dumplings just sound really good. I would have to try them all. Take care and thanks for sharing your insights into this amazing culinary destination. ???

      Hi Jeremy!! Thanks so much!! I hope you can try them all man!!!

    Thank you ..Trevor..u made my job easier to visit places in China and enjoy its rich food ..the maps u provided and the hotels are extremely useful …since majority of people don’t speak English we cannot go around and keep on asking people ..you always do excellent things and this certainly is one of them for sure !?

      HI Abishek! Thanks so much! I’m really happy you like the post! I hope you find it useful buddy!!

    I really like the maps and all the useful information! I can screenshot places I want to visit.

    I leave for China Tuesday and have been binge watching your YouTube Channel! My husband is super jealous of your language skills. Another guy who does a city on $20 a day started playing and my husband started yelling, “is this guy everywhere!”, when you appeared on his videos! Lol!!! We are enjoying watching you eating around the world.

    I really appreciate this format. So that I can actually find the food I want to try. The videos often move to fast to jot things down.

      Hi Stacey! Thank you very much for the nice comment! I really hope that this proves useful for you!!