The Ultimate Chengdu Food Tour – Your Complete Guide To Sichuan Food in Chengdu

The Ultimate Chengdu Food Tour

Chengdu, Sichuan, China

If you're wanting to go on a Chengdu food tour, you've found the right page. After living and eating in Sichuan for 5 years, I've put together this comprehensive Sichuan food guide, allowing you to discover the best street food and the best restaurants in Chengdu. As you explore, you'll find yourself going deeper and deeper into little alleyways and food streets with 100% local style, pure, authentic Sichuan food.

Below is the ULTIMATE Guide to eating street food and finding the best restaurants in Chengdu!  I've researched for countless hours and eaten at hundreds of Chengdu restaurants and street stalls to put this Chengdu food tour together.  My goal is for you to taste the BEST Sichuan food in Chengdu and to have an unforgettable experience.

If you want a glimpse of some of the Szechuan cuisine featured in this blog, you can watch my Chengdu Food Tour video below. We bring some guests for a huge Chinese street food tour and take them to the best restaurants in Chengdu along with many different Chengdu street foods.

All of the locations in this Chengdu food guide are pinned on the map below. If you click on one of the pins, it will open up a box with the restaurant name, a photo of the food, some recommended dishes to order, the restaurant or street stall hours, the price, and the detailed address.


Let’s start with noodles. Everyone’s favourite, including mine! Below I’m listing all of the best noodle joints in Chengdu. There are some famous ones and some lesser known ones, but they are all incredibly delicious! You can follow along with this list and eat the spicy  Sichuan noodles from your dreams!

AND, If you want some inspiration and mouth watering enticement, you should first watch my Dan Dan noodle tour video.


Chengdu's Most Famous Dan Dan Noodles and Chili Oil Wontons

Clockwise from top left: steamed egg with pork, Chengdu Dan Dan noodles, Red chili oil wontons, cowpea noodles.

Any trip to Chengdu is incomplete without trying the famous dan dan noodles and hot chili oil wontons at Chunyangguan. This place is without a doubt the BEST place to try dan dan noodles and hot chili oil wontons in Chengdu. It’s also very close to people’s park and the downtown Chengdu core.

I have translated the menu to help you order:

translated restaurant menu at chunyangguan
Cowpea noodles, Dan Dan noodles, “Fish fragrant” spare ribs, and Chili oil wontons are delicious here!

You can use this translated menu to help order your favourite noodles. I personally love the cowpea noodles (#2) and the dan dan noodles (#4) as well as the chili oil wontons (#13).

If you’re not getting hungry yet, watch another one of my Chinese Street Food Tour videos below! It features the dan dan noodles and red chili oil wontons at Chunyangguan. In the video, we take some guests for a Chengdu food tour, bringing them to many of the SPICY Sichuan foods in this blog. Afterwards, continue scrolling to discover more delicious Chengdu food and the best restaurants in Chengdu!

the food ranger recommendation below

The famous chunyangguan dan dan noodle restaurant in Chengdu
Chunyangguan Yuxiang Paigumian
Name: 纯阳馆鱼香排骨面
Must Order: Dan Dan Noodles 担担面, Cowpea Noodles 豇豆面, Red Chili Oil Wontons 红油抄手, White Starch Jelly Noodles 白凉粉, Yellow Starch Jelly Noodles 黄凉粉
Comments: Ordering small portions and ordering a few bowls is the best way to try a nice variety of noodles.
Address: 青羊区吉祥街6号附6号 吉祥结店 - Qingyang Qu Jixiang Jie 6 Hao Fu 6 Hao jixiangjie dian
Price: 20 RMB per person

Incredibly Delicious Twice Cooked Pork Noodles

delicious spicy noodles in chengdu

This is one of the most potent and delicious bowls of noodles you’ll ever eat. Found at Shangchi Mianguan, one of Chengdu’s most classic noodle joints, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of these. It’s full of twice cooked pork, a classic dish in Sichuan cuisine. The pork is a combination of lean and fatty and is cooked in a Sichuan fermented broadbean paste that is spicy and delicious. The bowl is loaded with a thick and spice packed chili oil that you get to mix through the noodles when they first arrive.

I’ve translated the menu for you as well:

Shangchi mianguan noodle restaurant translated menu
I always order #3, the dry style twice cooked pork noodle. So delicious!!

Be warned, this is a strong bowl! It’s spicy and strong and will fill you up! Also, the environment around this noodle joint is a little more old school and not suitable for people wanting a perfect modern and clean experience.

Your mouth is going to water when you see these noodles in my Chengdu food tour video below! It’s amazing to watch Chef Yu prepare the twice cooked pork using his family recipe!

the food ranger recommendation below

One of the best classic noodle joints in chengdu
Shangchi Mianguan
Name: 上池面馆
Must Order: Huiguoroumian Twice Cooked Pork Noodles 回锅肉面
Comments: One of the old classic noodle joints
Address: 上池正街39号(近文翁路) Shangchi Zhengjie 39 Hao
Price: 10 - 12 RMB ($1.50 and up)
Hours: Only open in the morning until 2 pm and closed on weekends.

Enter Wonton Heaven - Chengdu's Most Plump and Elegant Wontons

Sichuan spicy wontons
One of the best bowls of wontons to have in Chengdu, the Ganhaijiao Chaoshou 干海椒抄手, pictured above. This can be ordered with chili broth or “dry style” gan ban.

One of the best bowls of spicy wontons in Chengdu is at Ganhaijiao Chaoshou 干海椒抄手.  This little family run joint has the full spectrum of flavours of Sichuan wontons to try. It is definitely worth coming back a few times to try them all. A lot of their customers do just that, they revisit over and over because the wontons are so good!

Their signature dish, the wontons in spicy chili broth stuffed plump with pork and seasonings, is heavenly. The broth is extremely spicy though, be careful! If you want less spicy, they have another signature wonton, stuffed incredibly plump with pork, crab roe, and shrimp. t’s served in a clear and rich broth with caterpillar fungus and bamboo fungus!

The chicken and shrimp wontons at ganhaijiao chaoshou
The signature chicken, shrimp, bamboo, and crab egg wontons at ganhaijiao chaoshou in Chengdu.

I have also translated the menu for you to help you order:

One of the best wonton restaurants in Chengdu, China
The matsutake mushroom one is amazing! Same with the spicy ganhaijiao chaoshou and the pork, shrimp and crab egg wonton!

The wonton restaurant is located in a traditional neighbourhood in the northeast of Chengdu. The coolest part is how it’s located in someones home and how you have to walk up some stairs to get in!

One of the best wonton restaurants in Chengdu
The only problem is that it’s a little difficult to find. It’s deep inside a local neighbourhood in Chengdu.

This place is a little difficult to find. You can follow along with the map at the top of the post and then if you can’t find it, ask a local near you and show them the address. Most people around should know this place, it’s famous! You will probably have to lineup if you’re not there 20 minutes before they open!

the food ranger recommendation below

Ganhaijiao Chaoshou in Chengdu China
Ganhaijao Chaoshou
Name: 干海椒抄手
Must Order: 1. Ganhaijiao Chaoshou 干海椒抄手 2. Chicken, Shrimp, Crab Egg, and Bamboo 土鸡竹荪汤鲜虾蟹籽抄手 3. Pickled Radish Luobo Gan 萝卜干
Comments: It's deep inside a local community. Bring the address with you and follow along on the map. Don't be afraid to ask locals when you are near.
Address: 建设路71号八二宿舍一区21栋3单元1楼 Jianshe Lu 71 Hao Ba Er SuShe Yi Qu 21 Dong 3 Danyuan 1 Lou
Price: Average 20-30 RMB per person
Hours: 11:30 - 2:00 and 17:00 to 19:00

Enter Noodle Heaven Cowpea Noodles

Delicious Zajiang noodles in Chengdu, China
These zajiang noodles are insanely delicious! Springy, bouncy noodles covered in ground pork and silky smooth Sichuan chili oil, they are amazing!

Another famous bowl of noodles you need to try is from the famous cowpea noodle joint featured in Enter Noodle Heaven 2 video. It’s located in the west of Chengdu, in Qingyang district. I found this place luckily one day while biking around looking for delicious noodles.

Order the Zajiangmian 杂酱面  mixed sauce noodles with cowpeas . Noodles are served in sizes of liang in Chengdu, you can order either 1, 2, or 3, or sometimes even 4 liang. I usually order 3, San liang.

These “enter noodle heaven” zajiang noodles are shown in the Chengdu food video below. You’re going to get hungry! The mixing of the chili oil on the noodles is what makes my mouth water every time!

the food ranger recommendation below

The green bean noodles in Chengdu, China
Liaolao Zajiang Mian
Name:  廖老幺杂酱面
Must Order: Zajiangmian 杂酱面
Comments: Located a little bit west the city center, but worth coming here for the noodles!
Address:  Jinpeng jie 12 hao 金鹏街12号
Hours: Come for lunch

"Sweet Water Noodles" and Spicy Mung Bean Jelly Noodles

Sweet water noodles in Chengdu. Also known as Tianshuimian or 甜水面
These sweet water noodles, also known as tianshuimian 甜水面 have such a unique texture and flavour combo! You have to try them in Chengdu!

These tianshuimian, also known as sweet water noodles, were one of the first things I tried in Chengdu that made me go WOW. The recipe they use is just right. It’s also one of the few tourist places that’s actually good. It’s located directly across from Wenshu temple in downtown Chengdu. The noodles are thick and rough and coated in a spicy oil, and the sugar crystals added on top add a little extra roughness. It has a sweet and fruity almost plum like jam that they add on top. It’s a really unique dish that must be tried while you’re in Chengdu. Order them up!

These sweet water noodles are featured in another one of my Chengdu food tour videos. I hope you enjoy watching! Keep scrolling after watching to discover even more delicious Sichuan food!

the food ranger recommendation below

One of the best tianshuimian noodle stalls in chengdu, china
Dongzi Wei Zhang Lao Er Liangfen
Name:  洞子囗張老二涼粉
Must Order: Tianshuimian 甜水面 "Sweet water noodles", Niurou dandan noodles 牛肉担担面, Red Oil Wontons 红油抄手 hongyouchaosyou
Comments: The best bowl of tianshuimian in Chengdu
Address: 文殊院对面 -Directly across from Wenshu temple
Price: 7 RMB + per small snack
Hours: Closes early in the evening, come for lunch or afternoon.

Chengdu's BEST Silken Tofu Noodles

Delicious douhua noodles in chengdu
Clockwise from left: 1. Sanzi douhua with fried noodle sticks 馓子豆花 2. Shaozi douhua noodles with ground pork 绍子豆花面 3. hongtang douhua with molasses 红糖豆花.

Another amazing Sichuan food to try is douhua, the silken tofu. Here at xiaotan douhua, it’s taken to a new level by mixing traditional douhua with noodles and a variety of toppings. You can order couple different small sized bowls of douhua and some other traditional Sichuan street foods as well, like dan dan noodles, zongzi sticky rice, red oil dumplings, zong dumplings, and sweet water noodles. They actually have most of the traditional Sichuan xiaochi “small eats” snacks, but I really only recommend coming here for the douhua. If you want to try the other dishes, that’s fine too.

Sanzi douhua

Sanzi douhua is my favourite bowl of douhua to order. Silky douhua is covered in a thick chili broth and their signature fried noodle sticks with peanuts. The noodle sticks and peanuts are the perfect contrast to the soft douhua! When you bite into the crispy noodle sticks, there’s nothing better!

Shaozi douhua mian

Another bowl to order is the shaozi douhua mian. Delicious ground pork fried in a ton of Sichuan spices and ingredients is topped over a bowl of spicy broth and douhua, noodles, peanuts, and green onions. Another must eat b0wl of noodles in Chengdu!

the food ranger recommendation below

Chengdu's best silken tofu noodles
Xiaotan Douhua
Name: 小谭豆花
Must Order: 1. Sanzi douhua with fried noodle sticks 馓子豆花 2. Shaozi douhua noodles with ground pork 绍子豆花面 3. hongtang douhua with molasses 红糖豆花.
Comments: They also have most of the traditional Sichuan snack foods.
Address: 西大街86附13号 Xidajie 86 hao
Price: About 20 RMB per person
Hours: 07:30 - 20:30

Sichuan Rabbit Noodles and Beef Noodle Soup

Rabbit noodles in chengdu
The rabbit noodles, yuxiang tusi mian 鱼香兔丝面, with the rabbit slices in top right, at Xiamianguan

There are a lot of different noodles you can try in Chengdu. One of the more unique ones is the rabbit noodles. Here at Xiamianguan 下面馆, there are quite a few varieties of Sichuan noodles to try. The usual offerings like zajiang noodles and dan dan noodles however are not their specialty. Rabbit noodles and the red braised beef noodle soup with bamboo are the two best bowls in my opinion. They also offer a special black silky chicken and matsutake mushroom soup (zhusun wuji tang 竹荪乌鸡汤)  that is incredibly rich and deep in umami flavour. The rabbit is “yuxiang” 鱼香 style, meaning “fish fragrant”, an old style of cooking originally used to cook fish. You pour the rabbit slivers over top of your noodles and mix it in and it’s so delicious!

The delicious red braised beef noodle soup with bamboo. So aromatic!!

Make sure to order both of these bowls, they are so delicious!

the food ranger recommendation below

Xia mian guan in chengdu china
Name: 下面馆
Must Order: 1. Rabbit noodles (yuxiang tusi mian 鱼香兔丝面)2. Red braised beef noodle soup with bamboo ( niuroumian 牛肉面) 3. Black silky chicken soup (zhusun wuji tang 竹荪乌鸡汤)
Comments: Very nice family running this restaurant!
Address: 武成大街35号 Wucheng Dajie 35 Hao
Price: 20 RMB per bowl
Hours: 07:00 - 20:00

Delicious Sichuan Dumplings

Chili oil dumplings!
The dumplings at fuzi shuijiao in Chengdu

Another delicious Sichuan food to try is the red chili oil dumplings at Fuzi Shuijiao 父子水饺. This 25+ year old dumpling joint is in an old home and has been continuously run by the Liu family. I must admit, these dumplings were not the most plump dumplings I’ve ever eaten, but the atmosphere, flavour of the chili oil, and friendliness of the Liu family was worth coming here for. They are all hand pinched one by one, and you get a real feel for the atmosphere of old Chengdu which is quickly disappearing.

Sichuan dumplings
Fuzi Shuijiao
Name: 父子水饺
Must Order: Pork dumplings 肉饺
Comments: Come in the morning before 12:00, otherwise it gets busy.
Address: 牛王庙巷8号 Niuwangmiao xiang 8 hao
Price: ~12 RMB per person
Hours: 08:00 - 15:00

My Neighbourhood Noodle Joint

One of my favourite bowls of noodles in Chengdu!

One of my favourite bowls of noodles in Chengdu is WAY out in the outskirts. It’s in the neighbourhood we live in in Chengdu. If you want to come all the way out to Longquanyi, perhaps you can also visit the peach blossoms in the spring to make it worth your while in the mountains. But if not, you could also just come all the way out to this noodle joint to eat. It’s delicious! SOLID 10/10!

the food ranger recommendation below

Lianwei Laomianguan
Name: 恋味老面馆 Address:
Must Order: Pickled chili beef noodles - Paojiao Niurou mian 泡椒牛肉面
Comments: It's really far outside of the center of Chengdu.
Address: 成都市龙泉驿区龙平路427号 - Take the subway line 2 all the way to Longping Lu 龙平路 and get out at exit B and walk straight for a couple hundred meters.
Price: 11 RMB for a big bowl.


Super spicy hot pot in Chengdu China
Hot pot is one of the most addictive and delicious Sichuan foods to try in Chengdu

Just like visiting the pandas in Chengdu, any trip to Chengdu is incomplete without eating the most traditional Sichuan food of all, Sichuan hot pot! When you walk into a local Chengdu hot pot joint for the first time, with all of the hundreds of bubbling pots of chili and oil, you’ll be taken aback at just how strong the aroma of the bubbling cauldrons are. Fear not, these are spicy but not deadly. Below are the best hot pot restaurants in Chengdu, get ready for some spicy Sichuan delight! These are not in any particular order, but I personally love the first one because it is DEEP and super local and delicious and very spicy!

The Sichuan hot pot video below is one of the spiciest hot pots you can eat, but don’t worry, just order “weila” less spicy and you’ll be fine.


Chengdu's most LOCAL style Sichuan Hot Pot

This is a Chongqing style hot pot that you can enjoy in chengdu
One of the spiciest and most local style hot pot restaurants in Chengdu.

If you’re wanting to try the most LOCAL style hot pot restaurant in Chengdu, you need to come visit Hongshe Chongqing Lao Huoguo. This Sichuan hot pot restaurant is in a local neighbourhood in the North East of Chengdu, and well worth the ride out. The place is PACKED with locals enjoying the extremely spicy and potent hot pot served here. You will probably have to lineup. It’s definitely one of the more local style hot pots in Chengdu. If you want a more clean environment, visit one of the Szechuan hot pot restaurants below.

One of the busiest and spiciest hot pot joints in Chengdu
One of the busiest traditional Sichuan Hot pot joints in Chengdu!

This hot pot restaurant in Chengdu is featured in my Chengdu food tour video below.

the food ranger recommendation below

Hongshe Chongqing Lao Huoguo
Name: 鸿社重庆老火锅
Must Order: 1. Spicy and numbing beef - mala niurou - 麻辣牛肉 2. Soft Beef - Nen Niurou - 嫩牛肉
Address: 建设南一路菽香里一巷36号 Jianshe Nan Yilu Shuxiang Li Yi Xiang 36 Hao
Price: About 80 RMB per person
Hours: 11:30 to 21:00

Chengdu's Most FAMOUS Sichuan Hot Pot

One of the best Szechuan hot pot restaurants in Chengdu
Bashu Dazhaimen Hot pot is one of chengdu’s best hot pot restaurants. Shown here is the YuanYangGuo mixture of spicy and clear broth.

One of the great things about Bashu Dazhaimen Hot Pot is the lively atmosphere and authentic Sichuanese atmosphere. This famous hot pot chain has locations throughout Chengdu, with lineups at each location every night, it’s that popular! It’s also very clean and great for hot pot first timers. The hot pot oil is so fragrant and full of Sichuan peppercorns, giving you an amazing mouth numbing kick!

So many full tables of customers eating spicy hot pot
This hot pot restaurant is one of the most famous and delicious in Chengdu!

Make sure to order one of Chengdu’s most famous iced desserts to go with your hot pot, the hongtang bingfen 红糖冰粉. It really helps keep you cool! Combined with Chengdu’s famous soy milk, weiyi 唯一, and a dipping bowl full of vinegar, garlic, and sesame oil, you can beat the spiciness of the hotpot and enjoy!the food ranger recommendation below

One of the most famous hot pot restaurants in Chengdu
Bashu Dazhaimen Huoguo
Name: 巴蜀大宅门
Must Order: 1. Order an iced bingfen jelly and molasses dessert with your hot pot - hongtang bingfen 红糖冰粉.
Comments: This place is always busy! You will probably need to lineup if you come after 6pm.
Address: 北大街91号 Beidajie 91 Hao
Price: About 90 RMB/ person
Hours: 11:00 - 02:00

9 Section Hot Pot

nine layer hot pot in chengduIf you’re staying in the south or have tried the other hot pot joints, you can come to jiugongge. This relatively small hot pot joint serves some incredibly delicious hot pot. It’s fun to watch the beef lard slowly melting and the pot becoming redder and redder. I love the nine sections as well, you can separate your meats and vegetables.

the food ranger recommendation below

chengdu 9 gong ge hot pot
Jiu Gong Ge Hot Pot
Name: 丼亦九宫格火锅
Must Order: 1. Spicy and numbing beef mala niurou 麻辣牛肉 2. nen niu rou soft beef 嫩牛肉
Address: 广福桥西街1号附41号丼亦九宫格火锅 Yanfu Xiaoxi Jie 1 Hao Fu 41 Hao
Hours: 12:00 - 23:00


Below are my favourite restaurants for eating classic Sichuan food. These are some of the best restaurants in Chengdu for ordering a large table of Sichuan cuisine. These places are better to come with at least 3 people. You can of course come alone to eat this food, but with more people you will be able to eat more.

There are so many Sichuan foods to try! I took my parents to try a few of them in our Chengdu food tour video below:


Chengdu's most TRADITIONAL restaurant

a huge table full of sichuan food in chengdu china
So much variety to Sichuan cuisine! You can just pick up any of these plates and bring them to your table!

This restaurant is one of the few places in Chengdu that I’ve found with a really traditional feel, something harder and harder to find in China as it’s developing so quickly. This place is as much of an experience and a food destination. The first time I came, I was so excited to find it and couldn’t stop snapping photos of the area! Not too many tourists know about it at this point, except for the occasional Chinese tourist. The cuisine is delicious here too!

A great Sichuan restaurant to try delicious spicy Sichuan dishes
This Sichuan restaurant on the outside of Chengdu has it all!

Located down an old road with traditional Chinese neighbourhood buildings with no traffic, this location has a really special feel to it.

Follow this path to find the famous fly restaurant.

The coolest part is how a lot of the food is self serve – there is no menu, it’s served by bike! The food is loaded onto the back of a bike and then run from the kitchen to the restaurant. If you are fast enough, you can grab it right from the bike, or you just walk into the open restaurant and see what is on the table fresh from the wok. You grab it yourself and then pay afterwards. Some notable items include:

  1. Fried yak meat with ginger and fresh green chilies (牦牛肉 maoniurou)
  2. Extremely fatty steamed spicy pork with pumpkin and rice flour (粉蒸肉 fenzhengrou)
  3. Pig brain + tofu (豆腐脑 doufunao)
  4. Yellow or white liangfen jelly with chili oil (黄凉粉 huangliangfen or 白凉粉 bailiangfen)
  5. Spicy river fish in fermented spicy broad bean paste (豆瓣鱼 Doubanyu).

There is a ton of selection. The best part is choosing whatever looks best and watching it come out from the kitchen on the back of a bicycle! After you’re finished eating, you can explore the little Sichuan tea houses to the side and sip a traditional cup of green tea with the locals.

yellow liangfen dish in chengdu
Yellow liangfen dish at Chenshi liangfen

the food ranger recommendation below

A great Sichuan restaurant to try delicious spicy Sichuan dishes
Chenshi Liangfen
Name: 陈氏凉粉
Must Order: Sichuan cuisine's wide array is all on display here - choose what looks good to you!
Address: 洞子口福德路42号- 近沙河源小学 - Hezi Kou FuDe Lu 42 Hao
Price: Around 50 RMB per person
Hours: Open every day 11am - 2pm and 5pm to 9pm

Mingting Fandian - The ORIGINAL Chengdu Fly Restaurant

One of the original fly restaurants of chengduMingting restaurant is one of Chengdu’s most famous “fly restaurants”. With hundreds of fly restaurants throughout the city, often in houses that are nearly  crumbling over, and said to have questionable standards of cleanliness (the busy and famous ones actually aren’t that bad), Mingting is always ranked #1.

Just like visiting Chenshi liangfen up in the north of Chengdu, coming to Mingting is a MUST. In my opinion nowadays it can barely be called a fly restaurant. It’s become so famous and has cleaned up so much that it’s more of a “wanghongdian” viral restaurant. But that’s a good thing. The flavour is still the same and you can sample so many different authentic Sichuan foods without fear.

If you’re brave, you can order Mingting’s most famous dish, their doufunaohua 豆腐脑花, also known as pig brain and tofu. I was so hesitant at first. Now, after 5 years in Chengdu, I don’t think twice about slurping down a whole pig brain in one go. It’s actually very delicious!

mingting doufu naohua pig brain and tofu
Mingting’s famous pig brain tofu.

Another famous dish to try is their delicious green chili and Sichuan peppercorn with rabbit, Xianjiao tuding  鲜椒兔丁!

Mingting rabbit dish
The famous rabbit dish at Mingting, Xianjiao tuding 鲜椒兔丁

You can also enjoy one of my favourite rice noodle dishes in Sichuan, the fensi lianbai  粉丝莲白. Rice noodles fried with cabbage is somehow extremely delicious!

rice noodles with cabbage fensi lianbai
Fensi lianbai 粉丝莲白 rice noodle with cabbage and chili.

Another special Sichuan dessert you can order is the hongtang ciba 红糖糍粑. Sweet sticky rice is deep fried in sticks and covered in an ultra sweet dark molasses. They are so delicious and satisfying!

sweet fried sticky rice in chengdu

If you’re traveling to Chengdu, make sure to come to Mingting to try out a bunch of these dishes!

the food ranger recommendation below

The original fly restaurant in chengdu china
Mingting Fandian
Name: 明婷饭店
Address: 外曹家巷26号附16号 Waijiaojia Xiang 26 hao
Price: Approx 60 RMB per person
Hours: 11:00 - 21:00

Extreme Luxury Sichuan Food at Yuzhilan

If you want to try some luxury fine dining in Chengdu, Yuzhilan is the place to be. Chef Lan has trained for over 35 years and has truly mastered the art of fine Sichuan cuisine at his home kitchen in Chengdu. Kung Pao lobster, the world’s thinnest hand cut noodles, Superior abalone, sea urchin, birds nest soup, Sichuan truffles, caviar, and eel are all available for your tasting. A reservation is a must, so your best bet is to either get a Chinese friend to call and help you, or go there one day earlier and hope for the best.

Kung pao lobster in Chengdu, China at Yuzhilan
Kung Pao Lobster!

Compared to other 5 star hotels in Chengdu, you get much more value here and the food is way better. A maximum of 3 or 4 groups of people can dine at once in this intimate and quiet environment. It feels like you’re entering another world! The whole experience is so peaceful and quiet and deep in Chinese culture!

The world’s thinnest hand cut noodles in a cabbage broth with Sichuan truffles.
The menu changes every day, but the main courses are usually similar. My favourite was the superior abalone. It was incredibly soft and I’m craving it thinking about it right now! That gravy!
Chef Lan’s superior abalone in a chicken and ham gravy straight from heaven.
Expect to pay at least 9000 RMB per person. If you want to splurge, this is worth it!
Sichuan Chinese caviar from dujiangyan
Locally raised caviar from Sichuan. China is currently the number one exporter of caviar around the world!

You can watch the full video of eating at Yuzhilan below:

the food ranger recommendation below

Name: 玉芝兰
Comments: Must make reservation, usually one day beforehand
Address: 长发街24号附1号 Changfajie 24 hao fu 1 hao
Phone: 028 - 62491966
Price: 900 RMB and up
Hours: 12:00 - 14:30 and 18:00 - 21:30

Whole Roast Sichuan Lamb

If you want to eat a whole roast Sichuan lamb in Chengdu, you need to come eat at Bashu Yijue Kaoquan Yang. Here, the whole bbq lamb is slathered in the most aromatic Sichuan chili oil from your dreams!

It’s best to tell them a day in advance how many people you want to bring. This well let them prepare one for you. Otherwise, you can try your luck and hope they have an extra lamb going. If the language barrier is a problem, you can ask the front desk of your hotel in Chengdu to help you make the call.

Whole bbq lamb in chengdu
The whole roast sichuan style lambs roasting, so aromatic!

the food ranger recommendation below

Bashan Yijue Kaoquanyang
Name: 巴山一绝烤全羊
Must Order: The whole lamb - kaoquanyang
Comments: Come with at least 3 or 4 people!
Address: 高新区华府大道二段748号川西人居草坪生态园内. When you get to the main entrance, go inside and take a left all the way in until you see the yurts.
Phone: 15828450818
Price: Price for a whole lamb is 800+ RMB. For a big one, you can pay around 1200 +
Hours: 09:00 - 00:30

BBQ Sichuan Rabbit

BBQ Rabbit in Chengdu. Delicious! A little bony.

Chengdu is famous for rabbit. You can eat it in stir fry dishes, hot pot, dry pot, and here in Yulin in the South of Chengdu, BBQ Style. This joint features a huge row of rotating rabbits that are covered in a thick sesame and chili oil and then pulled apart by pliers and covered in even more chili sauce, peanuts, and spice mix. They are actually quite satisfying to eat. And right beside the BBQ station, there is a dispensary for rabbit heads too!

The BBQ rabbit after it’s torn apart and covered in chili oil and peanuts.

I must say, it’s a little bony. But that’s the way people like it here. There is still lots of flesh, but you’ll be pulling it of with your teeth.

the food ranger recommendation below

One of the best places to get bbq rabbit in chengdu
Laohuangji Shousi Kaotu
Name: 老黄记手撕烤兔
Must Order: The BBQ rabbit "mala" style - spicy and numbing! It's delicious!
Address: 玉林街26号附19-21号 - Yulinjie 26 hao fu 19 -21 hao
Price: 45 RMB +


Below are the best places to try the most famous and delicious Sichuan snacks. In Chengdu, if you explore the back alleys, you can find a huge variety of different snacks like the ones shown below. I hope you enjoy them! You’re going to love these famous Chinese street foods!


Chengdu's BEST Guokui Stuffed and Deep Fried Flatbread

The Guokui stuffed flatbread is a truly marvellous street food in Chengdu. It’s my go to snack if I’m craving that oily and crispy crunch on an empty stomach. One guokui can fill you up and leave you smiling. You will see this all over the street in Sichuan, but you have to go to the right place, because a bad guokui has no satisfaction!

Dough is rolled out into long oblong strips and then a spiced meat paste is spread over top, almost like a Turkish lahmacun or pideThe meat paste is crucial. At a good guokui joint like the one in this self guided Chengdu food tour, the meat paste is abundant and they are almost always served hot and fresh!

You can watch my favourite video about the Chinese street food below.

the food ranger recommendation below

best beef and pork guokui in chengdu
Wangji Tese Guokui
Name: 王记特色锅魁
Must Order: Beef Guokui 牛肉锅魁 Niurouguokui, Pork guokui 猪肉锅魁 zhurouguokui, Sweet brown sugar guokui 红糖锅盔 hongtang guokui
Comments: Usually has a long lineup!
Address: 马鞍南路100号 Ma'an Nan Lu 100 Hao
Price: 8 RMB per guokui
Hours: Come during lunch for the freshest guokui

Super UNIQUE Special Stuffed Sichuan Pita

This is definitely one of the best foods in Chengdu!
This is the sandwich version of guokui, a stuffed flatbread!

If you’re visiting Wenshu temple and trying the sweet water noodles, this stuffed pita is very near. You will recognize it by the long lineup. The owner Mrs. Yan is extremely passionate about the quality and makes the best stuffed guokui in town. There are a few varieties to try. My favourite is the spicy beef guokui – niurouguokui – 牛肉锅魁,  along with the cold white jelly noodle guokui, the liangfen guokui – 凉粉锅盔. Both are fabulous!the food ranger recommendation below

The amazing Sichuan stuffed pita guokui
Yan Taipo Guokui
Name:  严太婆锅魁
Must Order: 1. Spicy Beef - Niurou Guokui 牛肉锅盔 2. Jelly Noodle Guokui (my favourite) - Liangfen Guokui 凉粉锅盔
Comments: There is usually a long lineup.
Address: Right beside the Wenshuyuan monastery subway station exit K. 青羊区人民中路三段19号近地铁文殊院K出口
Price: 5 to 9 RMB for a guokui

Chengdu's LAST remaining old style Sichuan crepe - Danhonggao

Sichuan dan hong gao crepes are so tasty and filled with either sweet or savoury filling!

The dan honggao is a Sichuan style stuffed pancake that is fluffy and filling. And over the last few years, many old style push carts and stalls have closed down, making the last remaining stall in Gongrencun neighbourhood even more special than it already is. Here, they are made the traditional way with coal, and are offered with a variety of fillings to choose from, including cream, sesame, coconut, chocolate, many different spicy vegetables like radish, carrots, seaweed, minced meat, and more. This stall has been open for decades. It’s famous for it’s “strange flavour”  crepe. It’s delicious!

It goes great with a bowl of hongtang bingfen 红糖冰粉 super sweet Chinese soupy dessert. It’s really refreshing in the summer and cools you down immediately. The flavour is like a mixture between a slight Chinese medicine and brown sugar, and coca-cola.

It was a little hard for me to find the first time, but you will find it if you walk around the Gongrencun neighbourhood. It’s a neighbourhood with no car traffic in Chengdu. Once you’r close, you can show the locals the stall name and they will point you in the right direction, that’s how I found it the first time. The gongrencun 工人村neighbourhood  is also a very good location for photographs and sampling other street foods along the way, there is a lot of selection! This is where I tried the pig blood soup and sweet sticky rice balls here.

This is the gongrencun neighbourhood in Chengdu.

the food ranger recommendation below

Gongrencun Luji Danhonggao
Name: 工人村陆记蛋烘糕
Must Order: 1. "Strange Flavour Guaiwei 怪味 2. Five Spice Sesame Wuxiang Zhima 五香芝麻 3. Spicy and Fragrant "Xiang La" 香辣.
Address: 成都市金牛区内曹家巷工人村2栋 Chengdu Shi Jinniu Qu Nei Cao Jiaxiang Gongrencun 2
Hours: 12:00 - 17:30

Delicious Sweet Sticky Rice Balls AKA Tangyouguozi

One of the best desserts in Chengdu
Super sweet and sticky tangyou guozi!

The best place to eat this amazing Sichuan snack is within walking distance to Kuanzhai Xiangzi tourist street and also close to the Chunyangguan noodle joint. It’s definitely worth walking over here after a bowl of noodles to try these delicious sweet sticky rice balls covered in a dark brown sweet molasses. They are nice and crispy on the outside and gooey and soft on the inside! There is always a lineup here!the food ranger recommendation below

At Dengji Xin YIdai tangyouguozi in Chengdu China
Dengji Xin YiDai Tangyouguozi
Name: 邓记新一代糖油果子
Must Order: Get 2 or 3 skewers of these for a real nice and sweet treat!
Price: 4 RMB per skewer

Feichangfen Sweet Potato Starch Noodles with Intestine

feichangfen sweet potato starch intestine noodles in chengdu

Any Chengdu food guide would be incomplete without featuring feichangfen 肥肠粉. While the name is unsettling for those unused to eating organs, these sweet potato starch noodles with pork intestine are an integral part of food culture in Sichuan. Therefore, if you’re wanting to tick off your list all of the main foods to try in Sichuan, you will have to try feichangfen.

Which brings us to the only place you should visit if you want to try them; Ganji feichangfen. This old joint in Chengdu puts out bowl after bowl of spicy goodness. First, the base chili oil and spice mix is prepared and covered in a strong intestine broth. Then, delicious sweet potato starch noodles are boiled and poured over top. And finally, some tied up pork intestines are placed on top. If it’s your first time, get ready for something you’re either going to love or hate! The locals here all love it! It’s worth coming on over to try!

ganji feichangfen sweet potato starch noodles
Pouring the sweet potato starch noodles over the chili oil and spice mix.

the food ranger recommendation below

ganji feichangcen in chengdu
Ganji Feichangfen
Name: 甘记肥肠粉
Must Order: Feichangfen. If you want to add a intestine knot, you can add a "jiezi 结子".
Comments: Good to try intestines for the first time.
Address: 马鞍北路18号 Ma'an beilu 18 hao
Price: About 15 RMB per person
Hours: 07:30 - 20:00

Delicious Spicy Lamb Kebabs

Chengdu isn’t famous for BBQ kebabs, but there are many halal restaurants run by either Hui or Uighur Chinese that have delicious Northwestern Chinese style lamb kebabs.

We found a delicious BBQ kebab and flatbread restaurant in Northwest of Chengdu that is worth the ride out. It’s about a 30 minute walk from people’s park or a 15 minute drive. Make sure to order a kaobing 烤饼 flatbread to sop up the meat and juice with. You can place your meat inside the bread and it’s so delicious! The restaurant has regular lamb kebabs (羊肉串 Yangrou chuan), Tripe (大肚 dadu), tendon (羊津 yangjin), and flatbread (烤饼 kaobing).  I personally always just order 20 kebabs and 2 flatbread.

the food ranger recommendation below


Chengdu Diyijia Zige Kao Yangrou Chuan
Name: 成都第一家资格烤羊肉串
Must Order: Lamb Kebabs - 羊肉串 - Yangrouchuan
Comments: This is a late night spot. Come after 7pm and it will be more lively.
Address: 抚琴街南一巷与抚琴西南街交叉口
Price: 3 RMB per chuan
Hours: 16:30 - 01:30


Chengdu is of course famous for hot pot. But there are similar, lesser known options that are also worth your valuable stomach space. Chuanchuan skewers and maocai spicy boiled meat and vegetables are other great options that you must try on any trip to Chengdu.


Chengdu's Most Famous & Spicy Chuan Chuan Xiang Skewers 串串香

These are SUPER spicy! But so flavourful! They are addictive too!

The concept is simple, you grab skewers of uncooked meat and vegetables from a fridge, hand them to a server, who will cook them in an extremely spicy and mouth numbing broth/oil, and serve them to you in a big bowl of that same oil.

You fill up a small bowl with sesame oil, garlic, fresh chilies if you like, and vinegar. Then, pull the meat off the skewer with your chopstick and dip it in the oily goodness and enjoy! You pay afterwards based on how many skewers you ate. The spice level varies from place to place, but in general, things are pretty hot! Make sure to add lots of vinegar to your oil bowl if you want to keep cool! And drink a Chengdu soy beverage, known as weiyi 唯一豆奶.

You can watch my extreme spicy Chuan chuan video below.

the food ranger recommendation below

One of the spiciest Sichuan foods to try in Chengdu China
Name: 冒椒火辣
Must Order: Pick whatever meats and veg you like from the fridge
Comments: They also have Sichuan rabbit head, pork brain, rabbit kidney, and more!
Address:  奎星楼街33号 - 近吉祥街 - Qingqulou jie 33 hao
Price: About 60 RMB per person
Hours: 11:30 to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm.

The best maocai stall in Chengdu

One of the spiciest sichuan foods you can try in china
Maocai is one of Sichuan’s classic dishes. It’s basically a full bowl of meat and vegetables boiled in an ultra spicy broth.

Maocai and Chuan Chuan are two famous meals to have in Sichuan. They are very similar, but both worth trying, especially if you go to the right places. The concept behind maocai is simple, you choose raw ingredients that they boil them for you in a spicy broth, after which they are covered in more spicy broth and garnished with fermented black beans and green onions!

There is always a lot of selection. Just point and order what looks good to you, but at my favourite spot here in Chengdu, I always order around 10 or 20 RMB worth of beef and some tofu skin and then whatever else I’m feeling in the mood for. You can point at what you want. The bill should be around 40- 60 RMB for two people if you want to feast.

watching the spicy sichuan sauce bubbling away is amazing!
This is wuming maocai, no name maocai! It’s fantastic!

This place, known as “no name maocai” is the best place for maocai in Chengdu, opening at 10:30 and closing at 2. There is always a lineup!

It’s a little hard to find because it’s in a small little backstreet and on the bottom floor of an apartment tower, but once you find it, you’ll know! It’s just a little hole in the wall, but the flavour is awesome!

One of the best maocai restaurants in chengdu
Wuming Maocai
Name: 无名冒菜 
Must Order: The beef is delicious here, known as 冒牛肉 maoniurou.
Comments: There is always a lineup here
Address: 青羊区西二道街19号(金色夏威夷背后) Qingyang Qu Xierdao jie 19 hao
Price: Around 30 RMB per person
Hours: 10:30 am to 2pm


Chengdu is full of bustling markets that sell the freshest Sichuan ingredients available. Fresh vegetables, meat, and spices are all available year round, with changes each season offering slight variations. To me, visiting markets is one of the best parts of traveling, and in Chengdu, it is a must do experience to get a feel for the local way of life.


Supo Farmers Market

This is one of the largest and busiest morning markets in Chengdu!

Out of all the experiences you can have in Chengdu, or even in China, I recommend coming to a morning market the most. If you find a good morning market, it gives you the best possible cultural experience in China and also allows you to try some fun food too!

I’ve searched and searched for good market experiences in Chengdu and have found many that are fun but only one that is a super fun experience. The others are smaller and have a less crazy feel to them. I have made 3 videos so far about this one market, you can check out part 1 here:

One of the best things to eat in this market is the roast duck. It’s incredibly cheap, usually around 20 RMB per duck, and incredibly crispy and succulent. It’s worth coming to this market alone for!

roast duck in chengdu, china

the food ranger recommendation below

Supo farmers market in chengdu china
Supo Farmers Market 
Name: 成都市青羊区苏坡农贸市场内 Qingyang Qu Supo Nongmao Shichang
Comments: You can easily spend a whole morning here! Arrive by 830 or 9am for the best experience!

If you enjoyed this Chengdu Food Tour, I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Please let me know if you visited any of these places or if the photos and videos on this Chengdu food guide inspired you to come to Sichuan and eat! Thanks so much for reading!

The Ultimate Chengdu Food Tour – Your Complete Guide To Sichuan Food in Chengdu

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