TubeBuddy Review March 2024– Is it really worth it?

tubebuddy review and how to grow your youtube channel

The Ultimate 10x Growth Hack?

I've been a full-time YouTuber since 2016 and tried many different ways to grow my channel to it's current 5 million subscribers. Today, in this giant TubeBuddy review, I'm laying down everything I love and don't love about Tube Buddy and showing you how you can grow your YouTube channel using TubeBuddy's big selection of YouTube tools!

TubeBuddy has been a huge factor to the success of my YouTube channel, and good news as of March 2024, by using the link below, they are offering the free version of their chrome extension using the link below! The extension connects directly to your YouTube dashboard and gives you a whole suite of new features!

(100% Free Extension Using the Link Above)

Let's break down some of the best features of TubeBuddy below before jumping into the review.


1. YouTube SEO tools

  • For me, the best part of TubeBuddy is the huge amount of YouTube SEO features it has packed in. These features can help your videos get into the YouTube Algorithm and get millions of suggested views.
  • My favourite features include:
  • 1.Suggested Tags
  • 2.Keyword Explorer
  • 3. SEO Studio
  • 4.Best Time To Publish
  • 5.Video A/B Tests

2.In-depth Analytics

  • TubeBuddy's in depth analytics help you to grow your channel by understanding what works and what doesn't. The data allows you to focus on creating content that drives views and increases your earnings.
  • The best features that have helped me grow:
  • 1.Retention Analyzer
  • 2.Health Report
  • 3.Competitor Scorecards
  • 4.Social Monitor
  • 5.Rank Trackings

3. Productivity Tools

  • TubeBuddy helps save your time by speeding up a lot of the manual actions you normally have to take on YouTube.
  • My favourite features are:
  • 1.Bulk metadata updates
  • 2.Canned Responses
  • 3.Publish to Facebook
  • 4.Thumbnail Generator
  • 5.Video Topic Planner

I genuinely can say that TubeBuddy was a major factor in my channel’s success. It would have been a lot harder without all of the YouTube SEO tools it provides.

(100% Free Extension!)

If you combine TubeBuddy and my guide on how to grow your YouTube channel, I believe you can grow from 0 fairly fast!

Let’s get into the review!


1. What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is essentially a certified YouTube SEO tool and chrome extension that connects directly to your Youtube dashboard. Once you install it on your browser (which is very easy!) and log in, your YouTube dashboard becomes entirely upgraded! (with tons of new features!). It’s YouTube certified so you know it’s 100% safe and it’s easy to install too.

Check out the dashboard (this is ON YouTube!).

When you combine all of these tools with the hard work required in building a channel, you can dramatically increase your views and subscribers (and earnings!). I did it, and so can you. With TubeBuddy, the hard work becomes a little bit less, and that makes a huge difference.

2. What is the cost of TubeBuddy?

The TubeBuddy extension is free and includes all the tools (which I love the most!), then costs anywhere from 9$ to 49$ per month for different plans. Bonus: TubeBuddy is offering discounts of up to 50% off if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers, so it ends up being very affordable if you’re just starting out! The RisingStarBuddy plan goes for only $4.50 per month!

Their free extension offers a ton of functionality that is great for when you’re first starting your channel, and their paid plans offer even more tools to help you grow faster.

These are the PROS and CONS of using Tubebuddy:

  • Helps you master YouTube SEO
  • Allows you to “draft” views from other channels
  • Free for the basic features
  • YouTube Certified
  • Easy to use
  • Only one license per channel

3. What are the best TubeBuddy features?

TubeBuddy has over 65 features that can help you boost your videos into the YouTube algorithm. The below are my favourite TubeBuddy features I’ve been using the last 4 years!

Check out the full TubeBuddy upload suite that connects to your YouTube upload page!

The upload suite is where a lot of the YouTube SEO magic happens. The Keyword explorer is part of this and is the essential TubeBuddy tool that helps you grow your channel and gain views. It helped me grow a ton just by discovering what keywords to increase my output on!

Just this tool alone makes TubeBuddy worth it! You’ll gain tons of views!

This is how it works:

Just type into the search box your video idea, and it will tell you what related keywords you can use in your video title that have high search volume! It also tells you what is trending so you can double down on anything trending!

Let’s type in “travel vlog”.

It gives you a ton of keywords and video ideas! If the overall score is “poor”, that’s even better! It means it’s very competitive (with lots of potential views!) and all you have to do is create an amazing piece of content and you will get into the YouTube algorithm! Remember, if you read my guide on how to grow your YouTube channel, the goal is not to rank higher with your videos in youtube search results, but to get suggested views. TubeBuddy can help you do this!

This complements the keyword explorer perfectly. The suggested video tags’ tool embeds itself into the video upload page and gives you suggested tags based on keyword explorer research on your main target keywords.

The TubeBuddy browser extension gives you a deep look into the rankings and tags of other youtube videos. You can spy on other peoples youtube videos and see their tags and add those into your video as well to gain some traction from their views!

Here you could use some of the tags in this video and try and gain some of the suggested views that come to viewers after they watch this video. You can grow your channel from 0 just by “drafting” millions of views from these successful tags! It works!

TubeBuddy’s legend plan (my current plan) is worth it to me solely for this feature.  The A/B testing feature is the ultimate tool to gain you millions of views. It allows you to compare different thumbnails and titles on the same video and see which one performs better. All you do is give TubeBuddy two different thumbnails and titles, and it will automatically change them for you on alternating days and then measure which one got more views.

In the end, TubeBuddy creates a report with the click-through rates for popular keywords for each one. You can then start using the better performing one! Over time, across multiple videos and your whole channel, this can add up to millions of views, and can make or break a video, because the thumbnail and title are so important!

This feature saves your time and can help you make you money. The bulk processing feature can:

  1. Bulk change your descriptions, titles, or thumbnails
  2. Bulk change cards
  3. Bulk update end screens

Let’s say you have a video library of 100+ videos and you want to update the description of multiple videos to include a new product you’re offering, your new website, or a sponsorship you’re working with that gets you affiliate commissions. Across your entire video library, this could add up to a ton of traffic and save time.

You could go to each video manually and change it one by one, or, you can use TubeBuddy’s bulk editing and update descriptions tool. It’s super easy and saves you a ton of time, and has helped many creators besides me also earn some money on the side!

(100% Free Extension Using the Link Above)

Other Top Features

As your channel grows, this will become an essential time-saver tool when you get more and more comments. It helps you sort through comments, fast-reply using canned responses, and highlight comments from supporters or recent subscribers! I use it a ton! This is a must-use tool to help you engage with your community!

This tool helps you get more views from Google instead of YouTube. It suggests tags to add that will increase your web-search traffic. After you add the tags, your videos have potential to increase in search rankings here on Google.

This helps you translate your video titles and descriptions into other languages. You can greatly increase your global viewership!

This one is a lifesaver. In the past, I would just guess what is the best time to publish new video on my YouTube channel based on my current timezone and my followers geography. Now, I use TubeBuddy’s deep analytics to know the optimal upload time based on my audience. This helps save time a lot getting your videos into the YouTube algorithm and can give you a big boost!

This allows you to compare your channel against your competitors in terms of monthly views, monthly uploads, subscribers, and engagement. You can export this data to a CSV and dive deep into the data as well!

HEALTH REPORT This gives you an overall look at how your channel is performing. It tells you what’s working and what isn’t for your channel. It gives you a quick look at analytics, search traffic, related videos, and watch time.

Social monitor allows you to check out where your videos are being shared and talked about. It scans Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest to find videos. This has been a big help to me to see what people are saying about my videos on Reddit. You won’t have to manually search each of these social networks for your videos, but can quickly do it through TubeBuddy.

This is one of the most useful advanced features’ of TubeBuddy. You’ll no longer forget any steps in the video uploads’ process! There are 9 best practices to tick off every time you upload a video!

Another incredible TubeBuddy feature! I use it to get alerts about my brand, with TubeBuddy scanning other videos, that are using my brand name in the title, description, or tags. It’s a great tool to monitor the general feeling about your brand on YouTube. You can also the keyword tool and use it for any keyword you like, which can help you keep an eye on your competitors.

TubeBuddy has an awesome tool to help you generate Thumbnails for your video uploads. Thumbnails are an incredibly important part of YouTube SEO, so you will want to be spending as much time as possible creating the perfect thumbnail. Photoshop is the best, but very complicated, so I recommend starting on the thumbnail creator!

This tool helps you know how much to charge for brand deals! You connect it to SocialBlueBook, which then looks at your average traffic per video, monthly views, and total subscribers to know how much to charge for a dedicated video or a shoutout! It’s also a good tool to know whether your channel’s valuation is rising or falling.

The demonetisation audit is essential for me! It scans your title, keywords, and tags, and warns you whether any of them are “sensitive” enough to trigger a demonetisation. There is nothing worse than putting in so much effort to a video only to discover after the upload that one of the words in your title or description was inappropriate. Then you’re out of your earnings for the most important time, right after upload! Even if YouTube audits the video and deems it appropriate, you lost out on the initial earning! Some words you would never even guess!

Dive deep into competitor channels! You can compare your tags, monthly views,  and more with TubeBuddy channelytics! You just need to visit any other channel and click the Channelytics tab!

(100% Free using the link here)

5. Does TubeBuddy come with any member perks?

Yes! There are many, but my favourite is the 25% discounted access to the Epidemic Sound music library (no more worrying about copyright strikes!). Epidemic Sound is an awesome music library that you’ll need when you’re starting your channel. And there’s more perks too, check them out below!

Most of these tools are either free or highly discountedMy favourite perks are the different music libraries included.

Some other TubeBuddy perks include discounted access to AudioHero, JukeDeck, and discounted editing software and YouTube captioning services too!

6. What's the best TubeBuddy plan for me?

I would go for the Pro Plan below if I were just starting out again. It’s very cheap at $9/month and only $4.50/month if you have less than 1000 subscribers! It gets you all of the main features, with some limitations. If you want to fast track your growth, go for the Pro Plan, and then upgrade to the Legend Plan when your channel is making enough profit to support it!

THE PRO PLAN ($9/month)

The pro plan is a major upgrade from the free plan and only costs $9 per month. It gets you access to most of the YouTube SEO tools and video access tools, as well as many productivity tools. The keyword explorer and suggested video tags are no longer limited, which is the biggest advantage. You can now research in depth keywords to understand what topics drive views and double down on that content creation.

THE STAR PLAN ($19/month)
The Star Plan is TubeBuddy’s best all around plan.  The star plan gets you all of the YouTube SEO tools and all of the bulk processing tools, speeding up and automating a lot of tasks for you. It’s really good!

THE LEGEND PLAN ($49/month)
The Legend Plan (my current plan) is TubeBuddy’s premiere plan. It’s worth it to me mainly for the A/B testing. It’s an incredible tool that has helped me gain millions of views. Essentially, it allows you to compare different thumbnails and titles on the same video and see which one performs better.  Over time, across your whole channel, this can add up to millions of views! The legend plan also comes with an auto-translator which can translate your titles and descriptions to other languages to reach new markets. Another very awesome tool! Let’s get into the TubeBuddy FAQs!


1. How to use TubeBuddy?

Using TubeBuddy is very simple. It is free version that’s offered for both Chrome and Firefox, so once you’ve chosen which browser to install the extension on, use that browser to install TubeBuddy. Then, you’ll need to create an account, log in, and that’s it! Once you’ve installed it and are logged in, head over to your YouTube dashboard and you will notice a completely new layout! It’s that easy!

2. Is TubeBuddy Safe?

If you’re worried about whether TubeBuddy is safe to use, there is absolutely  nothing to worry about! TubeBuddy is a 100% YouTube certified extension that has been helping thousands of YouTubers grow their channel since 2014! I’ve used it for over 4 years without a single problem or complaint. And all of my YouTuber friends use it too and we all can vouch for it helping us grow.

3. Is TubeBuddy worth it?

Yes! Tubebuddy is absolutely worth it! I grew 1M subscribers in 1.5 years thanks to TubeBuddy! I worked hard and used TubeBuddy to understand what content works on YouTube and what doesn’t. Without TubeBuddy I feel like I would have been just shooting in the dark and hoping my videos would hit. With TubeBuddy, I developed a YouTube SEO understanding and became a better video content creator. To me, it’s the ultimate YouTube growth hack.

4. Is TubeBuddy YouTube certified?

Yes! TubeBuddy is 100% YouTube Certified! As soon as you install it, it embeds into your YouTube dashboard and starts helping you to grow your youtube channel with its many tools!

5. How many channels can you have per license?

To me, the only negative of TubeBuddy is that you can only have one channel per license. However, I still believe that TubeBuddy provides excellent value for it’s price, especially as your channel starts to grow! You can gain access to the TubeBuddy discounts when you have under 1000 subscribers too, so it’s really not that bad! And if you order for more than one channel at the same time, there are more discounts too!

6. Is TubeBuddy or VidIQ better?

I use both, but I prefer TubeBuddy over VidIQ. This is the only other real alternative to TubeBuddy. They are both really good products and have their strengths and weaknesses, but if I were to choose only one, it would be TubeBuddy.


TubeBuddy is hands down the best YouTube SEO and growth tool on the market. My channel has grown with it and I’ve written this review because I love it so much. It’s very easy to use and can be installed on your browser in just a few clicks. If you’re hesitant about the discounted plans, you can always install the free browser extension first to see if you like it! I can highly recommend TubeBuddy! Make sure to follow my how to grow your YouTube channel guide once you have TubeBuddy to grow your channel!

(It’s free to install using the above link!)

Leave me a comment below with your experiences using TubeBuddy! I hope this TubeBuddy review was useful for you!

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase from one of my recommendations (at no extra cost to you). In fact,  a lot of the time I’ve found exclusive deals that will save you money!

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